Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Internet Millions - Ryan Orrell

Internet Millions
Value: $67

8 Years ago I was a Police Officer
Struggling to get by
Today I Earn $1Million + Online – and I want you to know
you can do it too….
“The Secret Steps to Internet Millions”

Hi Undefined:

As promised I’ll be emailing you the first two chapters of Internet Millions FREE in just a bit. And don’t forget the first case in my “7 Days to $70,000″ email series will be on it’s way to you tomorrow so look for it with my name on it.

I’m Ryan Orrell, Eight years ago I was struggling. I was a police officer with the city of Hot Springs where I live barely getting by. I had a tiny mini-golf business that went under. I had $250 in my bank account, poverty level income, $76,000 in debt, and $1700 in bills each month. I lived in a $565 a month apartment that I couldn’t even afford. I was going backwards at a million miles an hour.

Today, thanks to the money-making power of the Internet, I am debt-free. I live in a house that many people would call a mansion, , I drive a brand new $115,000 Mercedes Benz cls 63. I go on luxury overseas holidays all the time, and I can afford private jets to take me anywhere and everywhere at a moments notice. All this thanks to the incredible, cold hard cash I make every month online.

I earn anywhere from $40,000 to $70,000 a month.


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