Monday, June 28, 2010

Real World Affiliate Profits
Value: $9.97


Stop Fighting With Everyone and Their Momma Over the Same Old Scrap Of Affiliate Marketing Pie!

Dan B. Cauthron sez …

“Affiliate marketing can be a rough game … especially when hundreds or even thousands of marketers are all playing on the same turf.

Maybe it’s time for you to branch out into the Real World. ”

It’s very seldom that you’ll see me promoting any Internet marketing product on an affiliate basis. I simply don’t mess around there BECAUSE it’s saturated …. and pretty much dominated by people who have huge mailing lists.

so …. I’ve been working in the “Real World” affiliate market since 2002.

You can sell real world products online, the type of products that you and everyone you know routinely buy everyday. Items like health and beauty products, books, magazines, electronics and even the weekly grocery trip can all be sold with an affiliate commission.

Wouldn’t You Love To Sell Products That
People Are Already Searching For?

Now that the Internet has become a proven marketing arena practically every main stream company in world is running  an online affiliate program.


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