Tuesday, June 22, 2010

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1. The Professionals Guide To Pagerank Optimization
This article serves as a comprehensive guide to both the theory behind Google’s PageRank algorithm and how SEOs can structure websites and sculpt links for optimal PageRank returns. Complete with detailed diagrams and simple yet effective examples, the article goes far beyond the traditional understanding of PageRank as a one-to-ten metric, displayed in the toolbar. The guide also covers the nu…

2. The Professionals Guide To Advanced Search Operators
This article is designed as all-in-one guide to advanced searching and using advanced search operators to help resolve SEO issues or get answers to SEO problems. Offering the detailed coverage of three major search engines (Google, Yahoo, and MSN), the guide also illustrates how the search queries can help with important SEO issues: competitive analysis, keyword research, SEO site diagnostics, …

3. The Professionals Guide To Blogging
This article serves as a guide to defining and understanding what blogging is and how a new blogger can create, write, and promote a blog of his or her own. It covers how to choose an appropriate blogging platform, how to optimize a blog for search engine rankings, provides tips on how to brainstorm appealing blog content, and identifies how to promote and measure the success of your blogging e…

4. Social Media Optimization Strategies
This 55-page article is designed as a guide to optimizing nine of the web’s premier social media services. These sites form the basis of all social media campaigns, covering the areas of social news, bookmarking, professional and social networking. Both the basic and intricate steps to developing a strong presence and reputation are explained in detail, as are the strengths and weaknesses of ea…

5. Viral Marketing And Linkbait On The Web
This article serves as a guide to creating, launching and promoting linkbait and viral content on the Internet. Covering all aspects of the linkbait genre, the guide explains what constitutes linkbait, who appreciates and spreads it and how it is used for maximum exposure and return. The guide also covers twelve potential linkbait formats, and offers guidelines on how traditional businesses, op…


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