Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ends in a Few Hours! Last Chance – Read The Reviews – Why You Need Think Links >>> Digital Point Products
Value: $67

Hi Warriors,
Think Links is the total package. It contains vast amounts of actual links, linking strategies, tips, fingerprint searches at the click of a mouse and so much more.

Instead of just focusing on getting backlinks, Think Links includes ways to increase your cyber real estate, by being smart, not working hard. The goal is to acquire and build your how authority network using free cyber real estate.

  • My secret tips for creating camouflage pages and sacrificial links...And why you need them.
  • Bomber Graham's custom list of hand-picked forums. Each with good PageRank and your links stick.
  • Hubpages and Squidoo tag exploits. Tags are keyword links.
  • Find .edu blogs with a click!
  • The best link friendly social platforms, complete with tips, info and directions.
  • Site-wide blog link exploits. Type a keyword, click a link. It's that easy.
  • How to find the best forums of any kind.
  • DoFollow lists for forums, sites, blogs and bookmarking
  • Advanced Linking Concepts
  • Advanced SEO Concepts
  • More than 240 free blog platforms with the best PR and highest authorities for total IP diversity.
  • List of SEO Friendly Directories


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