Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Directory Marketing Reborn - An SEO eBook by Irishwonder

Directory Marketing Reborn | An SEO eBook by Irishwonder
Value: $19.90

Directory Marketing Reborn, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Google

Welcome! Today I’m offering you the new, royal way to market your sites online using the proven method to gather one-way backlinks, directory marketing.

What am I offering you today, the fourth release of a 71-page complete guide for directory marketing today, includes:

* Thorough explanation of the directory marketing processes, suitable even for the very beginners
* Helpful, yet relatively unknown tips, tricks, methods and links for industry pros.
* A complete step-by-step walkthrough for a complete marketing campaign solution, suitable for any site in any niche.
* Emphasis on issues of niche and local directories, free and paid, manual and automatic submissions.
* Industry’s biggest and freshest (close to 5,000 directories, checked as of November ‘09) directory list, together with directories’ PageRank value – hundreds of new directories have just been added to the list!
* …and much more!


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