Wednesday, June 16, 2010

FINAL BUMP Bank A Potential $1,500 A Month – 5 Niches – ONLY 100 Going – Only 13 Left >>> Digital Point Products
Value: $17

If you’ve been following my NRR series for a while now, you’re
in for a treat. If not, you’re in for a bigger treat.

This is my 14th package.

And I am beginning to see the end of this line in sight.

I simply CAN’T keep finding and giving away these gold mines
at this price.

Here are some stats on the 5 niches.

Niche 1

Over 50,000 monthly searches alone just between 5 keyword

The highest KEI is close to 7,000. Anything over 100 is good.

Niche 2

Over 35,000 monthly searches alone just between 3 keyword

Highest KEI is close to 10,000.


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