Thursday, June 24, 2010

High Conversion Website Advertising Solution – Ultimate Footer Ad - Graham Cox
Value: $47

 Announcing NEW Conversion-Boosting Technology For All Website & Blog Owners...

"Discover The 1 Minute Addition To Your Website That Converts More Visitors To Subscribers and Buyers...Guaranteed!"

Whether You're A Blogger, Listbuilder, Affiliate, or Product Owner, hit the play button below now and discover for yourself how Ultimate Footer Ad can help dramatically grow your sales and leads!

Dear Site owner,

Are you happy with your website's conversion rate?

I'd bet money you aren't.

Nobody is, if they're honest. Think about it:

Higher conversions mean more money...and everybody wants to make more money, right?

More money to spend on yourself and your family. More money to travel to exotic climes. 

More money to help you live the life you want...


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