Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Quit Your DARN Job! Here is The EXACT Method To Making Thousands Of Dollars$ From WSOs…. <<< Digital Point Products
Value: $30

You can find a complete copy of the contents at the bottom – but here is what you get:
  • The Most Complete Guide To WSOs ever released. EVER.
  • The sort of profit making information NO ONE Else is talking about
  • A step by step process to making money with Warrior Forum
Just A Small Sample You will learn:
  • How to choose a sure fire ‘profit topic’ that will set your pocket on fire with cash
  • Ways to research your market and force it tell you what it wants
  • Totally Astonishing Way To Double Or Triple Your WSO Profits
  • How to plan out your time so that you complete your project with ease
  • How to write a winning thread title – people are compelled to view
  • The best ways to deliver your product to customers – so that you can take it easy
  • The price points that work and the ones that don’t – no need to undersell your self
  • The most competitive days to list your advert – Why fight when you can profits
  • Highest profit Days - Grab the profit hot spots like lightening
  • The best hours to sell – Discover the simple human ritual that means its Money time
  • What John Carlton Told Kilstein Who Told Me About Copywriting – It works every time
  • How To Boost the profits from even a dead and rotting WSO corpse
  • The Dangers Of Freelancing – How some scumbag can kill your WSO if you choose poorly
  • How A Money Back Guarantee Stopped Me Getting Buyers and how the same could happen to you
  • The truth regarding short headlines versus long ones, and those pesky stars and symbols
  • A bunch of easy ways to get more views for any WSO
  • The real power of graphics to build or destroy your sales – insane and hard to accept
  • My three honest and ethical ways to get testimonials – I’m an idiot and I can do it, so can you
  • How to deal and plain old ABUSE pirates – Profit from crime at last!
  • The insane strategies I use to go from making 19 cents per WSO view to almost $2 !!

There is so much more, I just can’t go on. Suffice to say, whatever your issue, from writers block to pricing, to choosing the right font or sketching out your sales letter – WSO Gold has got your back.


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