Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Simpleology Presents Cashmaps – Small Business Start-up

Value: $197

In today’s uncertain economic climate, the job you have today may not be around tomorrow. This is the unfortunate reality we all have to face.

But amidst the uncertainty of these times, opportunities are lurking everywhere for those who keep their eyes wide open.

Let me elaborate: Did you know that more millionaires were made during The Great Depression than any other time in US history? Also, many of the companies established during the last recession- in the early 90’s- are still around today, earning a tidy profit for their founders.

So maybe instead of worrying about how secure your position is in the company where you’re working, you can be proactive and consider opening a small business.

Here’s just a few advantages of owning your own business:

1. You’ll augment your present income or replace income that you’ve lost
2. You can improve the quality of your and your family’s life
3. You can choose how you spend your time- find a real work-life balance
4. You can build a nest-egg for your children’s future and for your own retirement
5. You can become independently wealthy and live the good life you’ve always wanted


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