Thursday, June 24, 2010

SEM Business Blueprint
Value: $197

So to recap, you need virtually no experience with internet marketing because you’ll be learning as you go along and we will give you absolutely everything you could possibly need to get started.

Essentially what we are doing is allowing you to copy our ENTIRE business – literally every last detail… and if you felt that meeting potential customers face to face would be too daunting, or even if you wanted to target customers in other countries, you could easily make this work by driving traffic to the websites we’ll give you and communicate with customers via phone or email.

In short, this is unlike anything you’ve seen before for one very specific reason…

Think about this: Generally speaking, a medium size ‘offline’ company would have around 60 employees, would probably work with around 500 ‘clients’ and most likely pay its CEO around $250,000 each year.

Then compare that to what you can make with an online business like this, with one employee (YOU) working from home each day. I mean just look how the profit numbers stack up…

5 customers = Potentially $50,000 /year
10 customers = Potentially $100,000 /year
50 customers = Potentially $500,000 /year
100 customers = Potentially $1,000,000 /year


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