Monday, May 17, 2010

The “Zero-Click” Secret: Google Does All the Work, You Keep All the Cash <<< Digital Point Products
Value: $12.50

I’m sure you have heard of how important it is to check your Stats on a regular basis to see what keywords people used in Google and other Search Engines to get to your sites. You take that info and start optimizing your sites for those keywords too! Something that is extremely important to dominate any niche market in the long term.

But do you actually do that? Are you optimizing your site the way you know you could or do you ignore this very important information your stats are giving you?

Now imagine that you can have Google doing that for you instead! Would you like that? I am sure you would and the best thing of all… It’s done all on autopilot!

That is where the
WP SecretSEO Plugin is so powerful. If a visitor lands on your site(s) it will look if it comes from a Search Engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN, I’m sure you get it, there are already 10 in the database but you can add more search engines) and if that is the case it will look to see which keyword was used to find that particular page.

That info will be stored in the database, it will also record how popular a keyword phrase is. This info is used to get your pages more and more optimized over time for the keywords with the highest values, basically the keywords that people actually use in Google to land on those pages, all on auto-pilot!

So how and where does this happen on your site(s). In the managepage of the plugin you insert values in the admin configuration area as follows:

1. Footerlinks

2. Search tags
3. Summery article posting with keyword phrases
4. Sidebar Widgets

You can use one of these options but you can also use any combination of the 4 above options together!


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