Saturday, May 15, 2010


Easiest $50 Per Day Method On
Value: $13

Alright this won't be long. I just want to share a simple and easiest method to make at least $50 bucks per day from with email submit offers.

All you have to do is write bright ads and send your traffic. In the ebook you will find how to setup your campaigns in and how to write great ads that converts very well.

Whats Involved?

Yes it requires investments which is only buying accounts with preloaded voucher in them.

So what Am I Offering Here?

On purchase, you get a free account loaded with $100
Step by step guide on how to setup your campaigns on

I said $50 bucks per day depending on how much you can invest in buying admob accounts. This is a volume thing on admob but if you write your adverts very well with the right submit offers then it will be converting very well. is a mobile advertising network and buying advertising space on there is considered as media buy but you will have to really invest very much to make more cash, people are cashing big time there with the right campaigns though.

So if you are interested and have some extra cash to invest everyday, then $50 buck to $200 or more is easy to achieve.



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