Monday, May 17, 2010


How To Make Money With Adsense — Cary Bergeron
Value: $97

I Promise You Will Make “Huge Profits” With My Simple Approach Or I will Buy Back Any Site You Create Using The Techniques In This Report.

This Report Will Work For Both Novice & Guru Marketers
This report can be used by a novice just starting out in Internet marketing or the seasoned money making guru. This report will walk the novice through the entire process step-by-step but, it is so thorough that the seasoned guru can hand it off to a contractor or link builder and have them continuously create hundreds of quality links every month.

The Adsense Report Includes:
  • 10 Things You Must Do With Every Site To Make Money

      1. The Best Way To Do Niche/Keyword Research
      2. Why You Must Register Domains A Certain Way 
      3. How To Choose Keyword Domains 
      4. Why .html Sites Are Better To Use Than Blogs
      5. How Much Content You Need And Exactly When To Add It 
      6. Why You Don’t Need To Worry About Keyword Density 
      7. How To Get Quality Content Search Engines Love 
      8. How To Build Links On Auto Pilot
      9. One Google Analytics Stat That Can Pull In Thousands Of Searches 
      10. How Often Should You Use Social Bookmarking And To What Sites
  • I Divulge All The Sites And Tools I Use On A Daily Basis
  • How To Use 5 Free Tools To Pinpoint Just The Right Keywords
  • Technique For Writing Your Own Content In About 15 Minutes
  • How To Obtain And Keep A 20% + CTR
  • Why Adding Sites To Google, Yahoo & Bing Webmaster Tools Is Critical
  • What You Absolutely Cannot Forget To Have On Each Site You Create
  • Step-By-Step Worksheet On Exactly What To Do Each Month
I include my 16 Ninja SEO tips that will allow you to outrank just about any competitor.


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