Monday, May 17, 2010

MAGICAL GOOGLE Coding Secrets! Copy+Paste = PROFIT <<< Digital Point Products

MAGICAL GOOGLE Coding Secrets! Copy+Paste = “PROFIT”
Value: $15
What You'll Learn From This Special Offer:

1. A secret attribute that makes your website at least 2000% more relevant to the search engines. This is 100% white hat, and works like instant magic. No spamming or keyword stuffing involved, and this can be repeated throughout ALL of your website. 

2. Secret code that you stick in one spot of your website that will make it attract attention in the search engines like a shouting child at the grocery store. From all of my years of marketing I've never seen anyone use this, and I marketed in many markets. 

3. How to quickly and easily get more search engine traffic from urls that you already have indexed in the search engines. 

4. The difference between good code and bad code, and why you should conform to the w3C standards in order to build search engine friendly websites. 

5. How-to turn common error pages on your website to golden cash cows in JUST 3 minutes. I conducted a quick random survey and say ZERO internet marketers doing this on their website! Don't fall into the trap. (Free template with this already done is included as a bonus). 

6. How to instantly perform redirects that keeps all of your link equity. Not all redirects are created equal, because some DO NOT reserve your link juice, and knowing the difference between this could be life or death in the search engines. 

7. How and why you should control the link juice of your website. I'll tell you what mechanisms you need to implement to prevent duplicate content which will allow your websites to look lean and desirable to the search engines. 

8. Two different ways on how you can keep the search engines from indexing pages on your site that you don't want the public to access.


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