Monday, May 17, 2010


WSO Secret Weapon
Value: $7
"Want The WSO Secret To Explode Your WSO Sales? Of Course You do! You Now Have A Chance To Own A Secret Weapon To Sky Rocket Sales! "

The WSO Secret Weapon is here to earn you more sales, and save you money! How does it save you money? Well let me explain! When you post a WSO you have to have a sales page, graphics, wso research (how to do it well), and coding. That all adds up to a couple of hundred dollars, and there is no telling if your WSO will even make enough to cover that cost! 

The WSO Secret Weapon will save you hundreds of dollars right off the bat!

The Design Pack Explained!
3 Sales Page Templates - You get three professionally designed and code html sales page templates. This will save you hundreds of dollars, and all you need to do is copy and paste in your sales letter!
Squeeze + Download Page - You get a amazing looking squeeze page and a download page to be utliizied in the WSO Secret Weapon!
5 Graphics - You get 4 buy now buttons, and 1 Guarantee graphic, and you can use these for any project!
8 HTML Testimonial Templates - You get a whopping 8 testimonial templates for you to showcase your testimonials!!

For the sake of secrecy I can only tell you that much. All you need to know is that this  will save you hundreds of dollars, and hours of time trying to setup a great WSO.

I Want The Secret Weapon Now!!!:)

Complete Design Kit - Everything you need to launch WSO without any outsourcing cost! All you need is your project!

WSO Secrets PDF - You get the WSO ebook that explains how the secret weapon to launching successful WSO's!!
WSO Checklist - A check list of everything you need to get done before you launch! We did everything you need to launch WSO's! :)
Insanely Low Price! - All this at one insanely low price...I couldn't believe it when my partner told me the price we were going to sell this for. 

Thank You For Taking A Look At The WSO Secret Weapon, There Is No Doubt That This Will Help You Create Great WSO's!


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