Sunday, May 23, 2010


Nanobloggers The “Chain Reaction” Workflow
Value: $97
Hey – it’s Peter…

Listen, I don’t have a hoopla filled, 5-mile-long, sales letter for you today.

Neither did I prepare screaming header graphics with flying $100 bills, no Lambo’s, no fake-ass earnings screenshots, not even a picture of me sipping umbrella drinks on some God forsaken tropical beach.

None of the above – just straight talk.

I LOATHE sales letters that “mess with the truth” and I’m pretty sure you’re not a big fan of ‘m either.

Let’s you and I sit down and talk like real adults – let’s talk business.

That OK with you? Good!

About two years ago – I came up with something that changed the lives of a handful of people. It was a system I designed to improve traffic and conversions.


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