Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Make Money Writing Online – 6 Figure Freelancer
Value: $37
Discovered… Simple Ways To make an ... 
Broke, Jobless And Worried About Survival, I Cracked The 6 Figure Code... Discover Secrets That Flood Bank Accounts With Cash.  I'll Reveal Quick-n-Easy Tactics That Generate An Online 6-Figure Income... Guaranteed!  And It Gets Better... Anyone Can Make This Work
Dear Friend,

Are you looking for a Guaranteed and easy way to make an online 6-figure income.  One that can be run in your spare-time from home, or anywhere in the world... this letter is the answer to your dreams!

Write And Profit... Discover Why The Secrets Of Freelance Writing Can Make Dreams Come True.
Yes, many people believe freelance writing to be the 'ultimate' lifestyle.  In fact most people dream of becoming a freelance writer.  Here is a small sample of the 'ultimate' lifestyle:

 An often overlooked way to make an online 6-figure income... top online writers have kept this secret   for years!
Freelancing offers huge profits with small risk... the easy way to rake in the cash!
Low start up costs... you already have what you need!
No "Co-workers" to hassle with... no more office politics or dealing with social misfits!
Kiss the crazy boss goodbye... are you tired of being told what time to come to work, what time to leave, needing permission to take vacation or go to lunch?
Live the retired lifestyle… the more you play the higher the cash piles up.
Operate from anywhere in the world... All that's needed is a laptop and an Internet connection.
And the best part, success in a freelance writing career means you are free to spend time as you see  fit!  Spend it with family, travel the world, enjoy hobbies, or live the good life... the choice is yours! 

6-Figure Freelancer Profits makes use of a two step formula.

First, you get a freelance profile on one of the many freelance websites and offer your writing services. Registration is free and you can get started in as little as 5 minutes! 
You’ll get proven strategies, tips and tactics to use to build your profile for maximum response… I’ll show you which freelance sites are the best to use, and the ones to avoid.
Then, after your profile is created, you begin the bidding process (explained in detail) and if you follow everything step by step as outlined in the 6 Figure Freelancer manual you would be writing your first assignment within 48 hours.

There is huge variety of assignments you could choose from..writing small articles, ebooks, editing , article rewriting and much more. And don’t worry, if you can write at a basic ninth-grade level, this would be a piece of cake for you.

Once done you send the completed project to your client. And finally… this is the best part… you get to deposit your profits into your bank account! That’s it… nothing more to do.


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