Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Powerful Offers that Make You More Money Fast!
Value: $97
At last! We Finally Reveal Our Step-By-Step “Super Affiliate” Formula AND Our Repeat Profit Marketing System For Generating Big Fat Affiliate Checks Month After Month....
“Now You Can Use Our Proprietary Powerful Offers Formula to Create Offers So Irresistible... Your Prospects Won’t Sleep A Wink Until They Buy From You -- And Only You!
    Read on and discover the secret formula that consistently make us one of the top 1 or 2 affiliates for ANYTHING we promote... and how you can put our Repeat Profit Marketing System to work in your business -- so you can get paid over and over again instead of slaving away for wimpy one time commissions.

Here's just some of what you'll learn as we break down THREE complete, real-life case studies so detailed, you’ll be able to turn around and almost instantly apply our secrets to your business. You’ll learn...
  • How to structure your offer so your prospect puts down everything to BUY NOW (Page 24).
  • Why all offers are NOT created equal, and how you can get an absolutely UNFAIR advantage over your competition (Page 13).
  • Our killer email sequence that sucks in sales whenever we click ‘send’ (Starting on page 48)
  • Why 9 out of 10 affiliate marketers will NEVER make any real money and how you can rake in the dough week after week once you understand our RPM model (page 124).
  • The exact psychological buttons to push with Powerful Offers that can pull in sales like nothing you’ve ever seen.
  • Why Powerful Offers can be adapted to virtually ANY business (Page 16) – you can explode sales of your OWN products, too.
  • Email structure secrets to getting your email read and acted on immediately.
And much more. Powerful Offers is 132 pages of pure gold pulled from our own profitable campaigns that brought in over $105,000 in just 6 months. You really can’t afford to miss out on this.


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