Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Complete Website Flipping Method – Appraising/Buying/Selling/Flipping/Building/MORE!! <<< Digital Point Products

Complete Website Flipping Method – Appraising/Buying/Selling/Flipping/Building/MORE!!
Value: $8.97

Learn My Personal Complete Method for Flipping Websites for Huge Profit!

This 14 page no-filler ebook outlines everything that I know and personally do when it comes to flipping websites for a huge profit. Think that a website is worth 10 months income? Then you are taking some big risks and losing out on same big cash. Learn such things as:

- How to Appraise Any Website – Tons of Factors to Look At, Learn Them Here and Learn How to Spot Faked Statistics!
- How to Buy a Website – Learn the Entire Process, Start to Finish In Order to Have a Smooth Transaction and Get the Best Deal Possible!
- How to Sell a Website – Again, the Complete Process For a Smooth Transaction at a Maximum Price!
- How to Increase Revenue/Traffic on a Purchased Site – The Key to Flipping For Profit is to Buy Low then Further Increase the Value, Learn it All Here!
- How to Build and Promote Auto Blogs in Less Than 1 Hour Total – Flip Brand New Auto Blogs for $50-$100 and Spend Only 1 Hour Total on Each, Learn How Here!

This ebook is completely noob friendly and will show any first time website flipper every single thing they need to know to be ahead of the game and even ahead of most full time website speculators. If you want some easy profit then this is the game for you!

This ebook will teach you everything I know, I hold nothing back! On average I realize a 50%+ ROI, or return on investment, on cheap site investments ($30-$500 websites) and a 25% ROI on expensive site investments ($1,000+). The best part of all is that my method will show you how to increase their value and flip for these types of ROIs fast instead of waiting 6 months or a year to flip your site!


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