Friday, July 9, 2010

Twitter Method – $500Day with Twitter on Autopilot + FREE Auto Friend AdderTweeter <<< Digital Point Products
Value: $12

I will teach you two quick and simple methods that will get you thousands of quality followers within just a few days!

Your link and/or promotion will be seen by 1000’s of people EVERY day.
In this short, 4 page eBook, you will learn about 2 easy methods to get tons of followers! Also, I will let you know of 2 easy ways to make hundreds if not thousands of $$!

The pricing is as follows
  • First 20 copies – $6
  • Second 15 copies - $12
  • Last 10 copies – $18
I have over 100 iTrader ratings with 100% feedback, buy from somebody you can trust! 

3 Review copies are available to members with over 25 iTrader


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