Thursday, July 29, 2010

$40.00 a day for 30 minutes of work! <<< Digital Point Products
Value: $17


What I am selling is an ebook that teaches you the method that I am currently using to make me 40.00 dollars a day for 30 minutes worth of work each day. I have been making this money since mid December and it hasn’t slowed down at all. To use this method you need the following:

Active Paypal account
Active Ebay account

you will also need to sign up with two other websites but the ebook walks you through that.

Here is the cool thing about this method. I make 40 dollars a day doing it, but the potential is endless. If you worked 8 hours a day on this you could make 640 dollars a day in profit. The reason I’m not doing that yet is because I’d say to get to the point where I can work 30 minutes a day has taken me about ten hours in set up work. Now I’m ONLY working 30 minutes a day and the rest is all set up. If I wanted to start working one hour a day and make 80 dollars a day it would take me about another ten hours in set up work.

This does not involve working with an affiliate network. You will be selling products through a dropshipper. I don’t want to go too into detail for dread of giving away the method, but I will give out 4 review copies to gain your trust that this is a excellent method. Review copies will be given to the first 4 people that question that have OVER 1,000 posts and over 100 itrader with more than one rep blob.

The price for the ebook is 17.00USD. I only accept paypal. There is no limit to how many books I will sell as this will not get saturated any time soon, and the price will remain 17.00USD for as long as I am selling the ebook.

Here is the proof that I have been making the money I claim. Please note that not all of the money I receive is profit. As I said the profit is about 40.00 dollars a day give or take a small.


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