Friday, July 9, 2010

PPC Newbie Turns $69 into $1002 in one month! Killer Strategy Revealed! <<< Digital Point Products
Value: $15

PPC So Easy, Even Your Grandmother Could Do It!

I Reveal The Exact Strategy
That Turned My $69 Adspend
Into $1002 Commissions
In Just One Month

You get the Product
You get the keywords
You get the Ad Copy
You get the Landing Page
PLUS the Strategy I used to Sky Rocket my Sales

- Can be done with virtually any product
- No HUGE keyword lists that take forever to split into adgroups
- Literally STEAL sales not only from your competitors but even from the merchants themselves

I like the idea of PPC, but…

I’ll admit I’m lazy.

The thought of creating keyword lists which are hundreds or thousands of keywords long, and then having to track and test all that never appealed.

So I looked for a different way. An easy way, that even a newbie to PPC like myself could cope with.
The results…. over 1300% Return on Investment


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