Sunday, July 4, 2010

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Dear Fellow Warrior,

f you have always wanted to dominate the search engines and see your sales explode by a thousand times, here’s some encouraging news for you. You can now do so with little time, effort and money… to achieve better search engine rankings using a simple 30 minute routine!

Just 30 minutes to get better rankings!?

Is this going to be some kind of dirty, bla.ckhat technique?

Will my site skyrocket the search engine rankings for awhile… then
permanently BANNED?

If it’s bla.ckhat… that is most likely (or guaranteed) to happen!

And if you’re reading this letter… chances are that you’re a
serious SEO affiliate/niche marketer.

And I believe you’ll agree with me that your site and keywords are just way too precious and valuable to be compromised by some sneaky BlueFart tactic that Google will eventually spot and BAN you

So this leaves us with whitehat techniques to work on…


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