Sunday, July 25, 2010

Let’s STOP All This “Offline Profits” Nonsense Already LAST Chance Before Price Goes UP <<< Digital Point Products
Value: $11.95

Please note: I’ve written the offer page below in one sitting. As I spend more time to improve the sales copy and add more value, the price of this WSO will also increase significantly. That could be in a week, or it could be tomorrow. Thanks.

You Won’t Make A Stinkin’ Penny With Offline Marketing Unless You

STOP Doing What Most of Those ‘Offline Marketing’ Products Tell You…

Here’s How To Blow Through The Biggest ‘Offline’ Obstacles

In Your Way And… Start Making Some REAL Money!

Okay…enough is enough.

For the past few years, I’ve heard lots of half-truths, outright lies, and just plain “fiction” about how easy it is to make a “fortune” by marketing to offline businesses.

I’m guessing you’ve heard it too. You may have seen (or even bought) a bunch of products that promised easy riches by approaching offline businesses.

Well…did any of them work for you? Are you now making thousands per month from those so-called “quick and easy” techniques?

Have any of those deals turned into residual, or even passive, monthly incomes yet?

Are you “living the dream” as they say?

If not, you’re not alone. Almost everyone who buys most of those products are still where they were. In fact, they’re worse off because they’ve wasted lots of time, energy and money trying to make the ‘offline’ thing work.

I have several marketer friends, many of them Warriors, who have bought and tried most of these ‘offline profits n riches’ type products. None of them have delivered what they promised. And these are smart Warriors who have done considerably well marketing Online.

Well, okay, a few of them made some money here and there. And maybe you can too — IF you’ve got the time and energy to approach hundreds of prospects. (Heck, you might as well get another j.o.b. if you’re going to work that hard anyway.)

But you won’t make any real money, nothing substantial that could actually change the quality of your life. Not by following most of those ‘offline riches’ type products anyway, that’s for sure.


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