Sunday, July 11, 2010

17 Mental Health Cashflow Sites - Dirk Wagner

17 Mental Health Cashflow Sites
Value: $17

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Your Cross-Linked Video Cashflow Sites Include...

    * Search engine optimization to show up in search engine results
         1. proper META tags and keyword density
         2. use of H1 header tags in the best places
         3. keyword tags to create search engine friendly video pages on-the-fly
         4. cross-linking with all 17 websites in the footer
    * Popular keyword tags for more video viewing that increases income potential
    * Keyword-related video thumbnails on home page and results page
    * Visitors watch videos on your site - not clicking away
    * Search Box to search all of YouTube videos, even if not keyword-related
    * Automatic video updates - when a new keyword-related video is added to YouTube, it's included in your website. No database needed.
    * Pagination so your visitors can click on the next page and more up to 700+ videos
    * Sort by relevance, recently updated, view count and rating
    * Autoresponder code to keep your visitors coming back
    * Complete installation manual with download
    * Just edit one config file and responder code per site and upload. That's it! But...


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