Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Make $500-$1000 Whenever you need it. ( Im the only one doing this ) Easy method. <<< Digital Point Products
Value: $97

This method is like none other. It has never been sold before and I am the only one who is doing this around the whole internet. ( How do I know? I have checked throughout all the areas where this could be done and have found no one doing what I am doing ) This isn’t like a lot of the other rehashed ebooks being sold on DP. This is new and unique.

This method makes me $500 -$1000+ whenever I do it.

I am not going to give a huge list of what it is not. I will clearly say now that is this is CPA.

This is international friendly. However you will need a few CPA accounts. ( Can be done with 1-2, the more the better though. )

This method is noob friendly. I provide email and IM ( Msn ) support though for those who need it. As there are some parts which may need some explanation. The method does require a bit of basic knowledge.

This method is blackhat. Its not illegal as such but it can be classified as immoral.

There is a chance of saturation. However I am only selling 12 copies to counter that.

There is investment required when doing this method. Around $10 1st setup ( domain + hosting ). And then you will need $30 every time you do it. ( $30 applies to the 1st time that includes the domain and hosting as well )

This method is twistable. With a bit of imagination and creativity you could turn this method into one that could make possibly even 10x more.

When you get paid from this method. It will either be by cheque or via PayPal. It depends on the CPA network.


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